The press and college

I heard this report on Marketplace last night:

If you can get the audio to work, it’s worth a listen too, especially as the 7 year-old sounds out the sentence about the economic benefits of college. Probably it was meant to be charming, but I found it kind of heartbreaking in the way it turned a child into a mouthpiece for an income-based argument for education.

Like “The Writing Revolution,” pieces like this leave me conflicted: it seems to idealizes college but also states, without elaboration, “college isn’t for everyone.”

I know it’s a radio show with limited time for segments, and just like with the Atlantic for “The Writing Revolution,” space is a consideration in the kind of story you tell. But is it unfair of me to say that limited space is no excuse? Is the problem with me, that I still go to liberal media sources for news expecting to get the same kind of analysis I find with Smiley and West – or some comp/rhet readings?







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